Monday, 4 June 2012

Departure preparations

After watching the weather we thought we would be ready for a Friday departure (okay I know the superstitions, Monday is supposed to be a bad day to start a voyage in Portugal, believe what you want!). We shopped until we dropped for final groceries that we won't see outside the UK and final boat bits.

We had  two trolly loads of groceries. Just as we loaded the 2nd trolly load into the cockpit we had a lovely unexpected visit from John & Beryl.We are a lot tidier now, Beryl! As you can see it all fitted neatly in the starboard locker. Note the strange red Marmite jar lids, not to be confused with Bovril.

One of the last jobs before departure was to fit the steering lines and the rudder to our brand new Hydrovane . An easy task so we thought. To our concern the course adjustment mechanism appeared to be seized. Thinking it was just a bit of dirt or salt, liberal washing with hot water seemed the answer. This made things worse!

An investigation via the web produced a 'fix'. This required taking the unit apart -  over the back of the boat! Drifting out the bushes and enlarging with sandpaper.

All now seems well. We just hope this doesn't happen again when we eventually reach warmer climes.

So departure was postponed until Monday, when better winds were forecast.

Sunday was spent on changing the engine oil and final stowing of gear. We were all set to depart Monday morning.

On checking the weather again, we only had a 1 day window before the weather turns foul again. The decision was; a week in Poole, a week in Cherbourg or stay put!

Here we are, dressed overall for the Jubilee, staying put!



  1. Hi Richard & Rowena,

    It was lovely to see you the other weekend. Gail and I wish you al the very best and will be following you with interest.
    I see you have decided to stay put for a while...don't blame you, foul weather to come I think!
    Keep us posted and have a wonderful adventure.

    Wish fair winds...

    Jonathan & Gail

    Jonathan Brier Yachting 'the complete yachting experience'

  2. Hello Richard & Rowena
    We were only supposed to go to East Cowes but have also decided to stay put in Chichester and do some jobs on the boat.
    Hope the weather improves for you soon.
    Will keep Sutton Mariners updated.
    Very best wishes
    Len & Frances

  3. Sharon and Andy7 June 2012 at 18:27

    Hi Richard & Rowena
    Sitting at home in this glorious wet and windy weather so thought we would see how you are progressing.
    Wishing you a safe happy journey.
    With much love
    Sharon & Andy