Saturday, 23 June 2012


Wednesday 29th June 2012

A dull and rainy day. Richard blew up the dinghy after replacing the spark plug and got it ready for its first outing.

Sandpiper and Tumbalong decided to go up river into Audierne, but as it was so miserable we decided not to bother. We waited all day for the rain to stop and eventually went ashore about 4pm to explore – still raining lightly.

Not much at the little port but there is a cafe/bar with internet. We had a bit of a walk through lots of houses with lovely gardens but not much fun in the rain.

We did not go ashore again till Friday because Thursday was very windy and rained all day. Friday was still windy but sunny. Ashore we filled up two cans of diesel and two of water. The showers are fine, but open 8:30 – 12:00 and 14:30 -15:30! We were there at ten to nine but had to wait till nine before they opened. They are also closed on Wednesday afternoons and weekends!

 We walked into Audierne (about 45mins) all along the sandy beach and the riverside. The town is picturesque, old sloping harbour walls, and tall old buildings – a relic of prosperity in a bygone age.

We found Sandpiper in the marina and were invited to lunch. Afterwards, we shopped in a little supermarket, charcuterie and green grocer, lovely local produce. There is a big supermarket but apparently about another half hours walk. We found all we needed in the town so did not go further. Again it was a Biscay shop, because fingers crossed, we will be leaving on Monday morning.

Next stop Spain!


  1. I am so impressed with the dress both of you looking very colour co-ordinated and Rowene even a matching hat, did you think youo were going to Ascot! I went Tuesday and actually got sun burnt the rest of the week was a wash-out. Yuor looking well relaxed xx Lyn

  2. I'm a bit confused with the pictures... I thought you were stuck in wind and rain. In the pictures it looks like a heat wave! Looking forward to update from Spain! Ryan

  3. Hello Richard,
    Sorry I cannot remember your sweat hearts name!!
    I wish I was the stowaway !!!
    Looks like you are having a wonderful time and there is so much more to look forward too.


  4. Hi Guys been following you and wish i was there, sounds very interesting sailing and all the old towns etc.
    Good luck round finnisterre and will look you up again when you are further south.
    All the best Jerry and Helen