Tuesday, 24 April 2018

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Hi All

Since we started this blog technology and the world has changed.

Yes, we are still in the Eastern Caribbean.

Yes, we are still enjoying the life cruising the islands.

But no, internet access has not got any better, in fact as more people are getting on line with smart devices we are getting a poorer service!

This makes doing the blog more difficult, uploading good quality high resolution pictures is difficult. (We know how much everyone likes to see good pictures).

We are finding it easier to post pictures and text on Facebook than the blog. From now on we will be using Facebook as the medium for sharing our adventures on line.

If you are not already a friend of Rowena on Facebook and you want to continue to follow our travels, please send Rowena a friend request.

Thank you for following us. We hope you have enjoyed the blog as we have enjoyed our travels and that it has been interesting and informative.

See you on Facebook!