Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Stowaway

While tidying up the boat we found an additional crew member aboard.

It appears he has been hiding since Gosport in various places on the boat

After rigourous interrogation (the pictures are too graphic to publish!) he admitted his name was Jon Gale. It appears he jumped ship from 'Crews Control' to escape the Solent and seek fame and fortune elsewhere!

He seems happy on board, and is fitting in well, but he doesn't yet realise that being a 'skipper', things will always be his fault! Skippers always get the dirty jobs to do, pity we hadn't found him before we had to unblock the heads pump!


  1. Stowaways should be made to 'walk the plank' or 'keel hauled'... but not the Skipper, perhaps just set adrift in an open boat!
    Hi you pleased you got underway and are now in the laqnd of the 'frogs'... we are keeping tabs on your progress and wish you fair winds. Jon Gail was always a problem bear so hopefully he has now found his niche.... Crews Control misses him but we feel he is better placed to serve you. He can if pushed clean out heads, scrub the decks and cook. Trained by the Solent's premier sailing school he comes with a favorable pedigree...!
    Love to you both and keep safe...

    Jonathan & Gail

    Jonathan Brier Yachting 'the complete yachting experience'

  2. This sounds like a potential for trouble, you know what they say 2's company and 3’s a crowd. Unless you include Arry which makes 4....... you have only been gone a couple of weeks how many you planning to have on board at the end of this trip.