Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Feckin weather again!

Ok so you all thought we were off to Spain. Wrong!
One element we had overlooked was FOG!!! We woke to 50m visibility!
The almanac says the best time to cross Biscay is June, no gales, no fog and favorable wind directions. Obviously some form of communications error between the almanac publishers and the guy controlling the weather!

Yesterday was a very damp and soggy day on the boat, alternating between reading, re-checking the weather forecast on the Kindle and endless cups of tea.

Today at least it is not raining, but fog all over Biscay. Should improve tomorrow when the winds come from the south west, which is the direction we want to sail, jeez! We are not the only boat in the harbour waiting to go south. There are at least 3 British yachts plus a Dutch and a Belgium flagged yacht.

Keep me away from sharp knives and strong drink! (written from inside a bar!)


  1. This sounds a bit like sailing on the East coast around Scarborough way, fog, wind on the nose or heavy swell from the easterly's. Happy sailing. JG

  2. At least there is a bar!

  3. It could be worse you could be at work !! (sent from my office)

    there is always tomorrow :)


  4. sounds like you found the right place to stop while the fog disappeared, good luck and we are keeping watch on all the adventures love to you both Pete and Lorraine xxx