Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Plan

Our plans are to sail to Spain via Audierne in France during the 1st week of June and spend 4 weeks or so exploring the Spanish Rias. We will then make our way south to Portugal visiting Porto and Lisbon on our way south to the Algarve and southern Spain. From mid September we are planning to visit Madeira and then the Canary isles, leaving the Canaries after Christmas for the Cape Verdes and then to the Caribbean.
A bit vague I know but then this is cruising, not an airline schedule!


  1. Good on ya bruv take care enjoy the trip and treasure every moment even the tough ones cause remember life is a journey not an end :0) love ya heaps and love to Rowena.... catch you when you land somewhere and look forward to meeting up next year as we will hunt you down!! Peter and Lorraine xxxx

  2. enjoy! and please send us some sunshine from everywhere you go! xxx