Wednesday, 20 June 2012


After sorting ourselves out from our passage and checking in with the Captinarie, we decided to have a siesta. Suddenly there was a knock on the hull I looked out and was greeted by 3 customs officials no less!

"Do you speak French?" Non. I replied, "It's OK we speak English."

They requested to come aboard and sat in the cockpit. Passports were requested along with the ship's registration. No problem. "How many on board?" Two I replied. Details were taken and they wished me a pleasant stay in Brittany. Before they went they handed me a receipt to show if I was stopped again. Totally pleasant and Rowena slept through it all!

Not interested in out of date flares or unserviced liferafts, red diesel or any of the other scare stories you hear.

L'Aberwac'h village consists of a row of nine or ten pubs, restaurants or small hotels! The Cafe du Post has lovely fresh French bread everyday as well a few basic provisions. Basic French style, of course - pate, Camembert, creme fraiche and even the Daily Telegraph!Free wi-fi too, but we got free wi-fi on the boat with our booster no problem.

There is also a sailing school and a dive centre, but as the weather was so awful we did not indulge.
We had winds gusting up to 50kts and rain at times, so we did not do very much.

We walked up the hill about one mile to Landeda to the supermarket, small but a very good range. The little village has a church with a really old looking tower, a butcher, bakery and a couple of cafes.

We had one nice walk along the south bank of the river which was quite sheltered. In and out of a lovely old forest and through wheat and maize fields.

We found a strange boatyard full of old rotting wooden boats, some being restored. We walked as far as the upriver mooring buoys,which is a lovely secluded spot.Very sheltered but there would not be much to do.

We stayed until Monday morning leaving at 06:00 to catch the tide through the Chanal du Four.We thought we could get to Camaret with a window for Biscay be leaving on Tuesday evening down the Raz de Sein.

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  1. Hi, I have it on good authority if you make Camaret to go to the Rum Bar (la Rhumerie la goel) Solenn (who works with me) is a local and parents have a summer house there. Enjoy

    L C K & K + Solenn