Tuesday, 10 July 2012


What a lovely place. Old walled town dating from 1100's with the town rebuilt in the 16th centuary due to a fire. The Ria is surrounded by small hills covered in Eucalyptus plantations, the green making a pleasing contrast with the colourful modern houses outside the Old Town.

The view from Galene to the new part of town
Spent the first night at anchor overlooking the beach. After celebrating our arrival (or survival) with a champagne brunch, we moved to the marina so we had easy access to the town.

The beach from the anchorage

Very reasonably priced marina and the manager actually apologised for not helping us moor up as he was in a meeting. We were charged €19.50 a night including water, electricity and showers. No laundry but this could be arranged if required at €3.50 a kilo. With hindsight we should have taken this offer.

Lots of bars, cafe's shops etc in town and an excellent supermarket 5 mins walk from the marina. No Wi-fi but the bar across the road had it so we had to remember to take the laptop when we went for a drink.

The poster in the background is actually the dustcart!


We stayed for 3 nights and were thanked for coming to the marina, they even shook our hands when we left. Imagine that on the South Coast!

We found everyone very friendly and welcoming, not much English spoken but with our basic Spanish we manage to get by. We bought a Spanish/English phrasebook as we didn't have a very good one. We will soon be speaking very good Inglesh weeth a Spanish accent!

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