Friday, 13 July 2012

A Coruna at last

We finally made it here on Monday 9th July. About a month later than planned due to some very unseasonal weather.
The passage from Cedeira was uneventful, very little wind so we motorsailed all the way. On leaving Cedeira there were dolphins inside the ria just slowly swimming, did not seem to be hunting or anything. The coast is pretty spectacular, granite cliffs with off lying outcrops. It reminds me of North Cornwall. The cliff tops around here are all topped with wind turbines. We have seen them all the way from Viveiro to here. There is certainly enough wind to keep them flying!

Coruna marina is a 1st class marina, almost everything you need on site. Chandlers, fuel, laundry, wi-fi, cafe bar, restaurant, excellent showers electricity and water included in the price. The only negative is there is no gas. The nearest is the other side of the harbour, very strange? This means we are in for a long bike ride before we go.

Arriving at A Coruna Marina
Our mooring is almost next to Castilo San Anton 16th C

The city of A Coruna is beautiful with a very interesting old town. We walked into town the evening we arrived. Again there are the old four storey buildings with the glassed in balconies and tiny narrow streets. The more modern buildings are interesting and colourful.We had a beer and tapas on the Maria Pita Square. She is a Galician heroine who saved A Coruna from an invasion by Sir Francis Drake.

Maria Pita square before the evening strollers arrived

It is a very large square, surrounded by beautiful buildings, some very old, some early 20th C. Around the four sides are small square glass cubes with pointed roofs, reminiscent of the glass pyramid outside the Louvre. We sat in one of these in the sunshine, with our beers and watched all the people. It seems to be the thing to wander round the square and meet friends while the children run round, playing ball. Very pleasant.
Old town skyline

Old city walls
The bulb on the anchor light had blown, but the chandlers did not have one so we eventually found a ferreteria (Hardware shop) in one of the little streets. Remember the Two Ronnies sketch about the fork handles/four candles? The interior was just like that, floor to ceiling small old boxes with hand written labels that had been changed many times. The shopkeeper took the bulb and wandered off, up a iron spiral staircase, returning with yet another box containing assorted bulbs. He found the correct one - we took two - and he handed them to his wife. She tore off a piece of brown paper (not new) and wrapped them up. €3.00 for two! I was dying to take a photo, but wasn't sure what they would think.

Tuesday was washing day. The first chance since Audierne, four loads in the machine. Thankfully it was good drying weather so we managed to get it all dry outside.

We also managed to get the gas regulator working correctly on Camping Gaz butane at last thanks to a prompt email response from Will Hayward!

Bicycles out, we cycled about 3km to the Torres de Hercules, the oldest working lighthouse in the world. The 1st lighthouse on the site was built by the Romans in 2AD. The current structure was refurbished in the 18th century in the style of the original structure. Pretty amazing. Also lovely views for miles along the north coast.
Torre de Hercules
Just after we got back, Anita and Cliff arrived on Sandpiper. Great to see them again, and out came the champagne I had been keeping to celebrate the crossing. They had also seen dolphins and had a pleasant voyage.

Sandpiper's arrival

We will have been here for 5 days, a day or so longer than planned, partly due to (you guessed it) the weather! Blowing old boots from the west again! Stay here for 4 nights and get the 5th night free. We may take a trip round to the other Ria (Ria Betanzos) for a change of scenery before moving on to Camerinas.


  1. Not sure how this works as the comment I sent via FB seems to have disappeared...? Anyway, here goes again..Read the story of how the brave Maria inspired the citizens of Coruna to defeat Francis Drake's attack & hope Rxhard keeps that in mind if he's ever tempted to take on a Spanish woman...or for that matter, a South African one! Love your pics of the Spanish rias & glad you're having a good time. Take care & happy sailing :)
    Lindy xx

  2. Hi Lovely people, Are you still in A Coruna? Haven't bought a villa have you? Missed you last w/e on the Mariner's Rally to Marchwood The Test Southampton Water. I sailed with Brian Taylor UFO A good sailing w/e with lotsa rain.and good company. Cheers VIC SYLVIA