Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Saturday 19th May 2012

The first sunny day in three weeks became laundry day so now we finally look like live aboards, even though we are still in Royal Clarence Marina. We have moved from pontoon B to pontoon C.... so much for the cruising life.

The last few weeks have been spent emptying the house and filling the boat! Now we just have a few things left to sort out, like where are we going to keep the dinghy? Where are we going to keep the bicycles? Where are we going to keep the sewing machine? (ARE we going to keep the sewing machine?)

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the weekend. Hopefully the boat will be looking more presentable by then. If not you may well be handed a paintbrush, the deck brush, teak oil or polish instead of a drink.


  1. Hello Rowena Richard,

    Bon Voyage. Safe sailing. Keep in touch.

    Jeanne + Rodney

  2. Hi R. Hi R.Great seeing you yesterday/ Sylvia and me wish you both safe sailing and a happy cruise. ENVY ENVY ENVY !! Good Luck Love
    Sylvia and Vic

  3. Hi Captain & Richard, It was great seeing you on Sunday
    We are all looking forward to following your adventure and catching up with you on a couple of your stops.
    Have a fantastic, time take care.

    Chris, Lyn, Karl Katie.