Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Wasting away in Tyrell bay again!

Wasting away in Tyrell bay again! (Apologies to Jimmy Buffett!)

Up early and away. Yes we are going sailing, well motoring, until we get to the north of Grenada. With 15Kts slightly south of east forecast and our course 020 True we put a reef in the main as a precaution. As we are on a reach we decide to use the mizzen as well. 

With the full genoa we are having a storming sail, up to 8.6 kts at times. As we approach Diamond Rock the seas become very lumpy and the wind is increasing and becoming gusty. We hand the mizzen as there is too much weather helm and put a second reef in the main. A good job we did as the autopilot manages to loose the plot in the gusts sending us off to the west! Rolling in some of the genoa restores the balance and reduces the speed a little as a wind shift almost causes an involuntary gybe.

With all of the excitement we notice water in the engine bilge, it appears the grease cap on the brand new not to leak very much stern gland has come loose and we pump out 3 buckets of water! In the space of 20minutes we have gone from a fun exhilarating sail to a rough lumpy ride. Who said sailing in the Caribbean was boring?

We arrive in Tyrell bay at 12.30 with the wind from the south! All the boats are facing the ‘wrong way’ but we find a big space to safely anchor with plenty of swinging room. Our 33 miles was covered in just under 5 hours! An average of over 6.6 Kts!

From a 'racing snake' to a houseboat! Note the rain catcher. The water often goes straight from the catcher to the solar shower so we have fresh hot rainwater for our shower, such luxury!

A lovely refreshing swim and supper at the Slipway restaurant with Peter and Cathy, it really feels like ‘home’ here.

Our plans were to spend some time diving with George and Connie at Arawak divers, unfortunately we discover that George is terminally ill and going back to Germany, Connie is selling the business so sadly we will have to rethink.
Baby crayfish, arrow crabs and butterfly fish seen snorkelling just off the dive shop

Tyrell bay has suffered from hurricane Matthew, many tons of sand were washed from the beach onto the road along the sea front which has changed the beach in places. In some places it is no longer a gentle slope but a steep step into waist deep water with exposed rocks.

The dinghy docks have suffered as well, only the boatyard and Lumba Dive docks have remained unscathed. The dock at Lambi Queen is damaged and the Gallery cafĂ© dock doesn’t exist! Going ashore has become a bit of a challenge!

After the Lion fish hunt

We quickly settle into a routine of Water aerobics 3 mornings a week, Mexican train dominoes Wednesday and Sunday afternoons, Levi’s music jams on Monday evening, Pizza and music on Thursday evening. When you add coffee mornings, sundowners, dinner at Luckys and Tanty Mavis plus other ad hoc social events we are kept pretty busy.

A musical soiree at Diane and Richards!

The skipper has taken on the job of net controller 2 days a week, everyone wants him to stay forever and play music! Rowena is helping with the local children’s swimming classes, we are hunting the Lionfish to save the reefs, perhaps we should take up residency?
All that is visible is the cabin top and the mast stump!

Excitement of the day, Oscar’s boat Marsvinet has sunk on its mooring just behind us. It is a real hazard to navigation and more than one charter boat manages to get snagged up on it.

It makes for a good snorkel site and it is unlikely to be removed despite several attempts to re-float it.

It doesn't take long for the fish to move in

The wildlife both above and below the water never fails to amaze. Terns, Laughing gulls, Pelicans, Boobies and Frigate birds, all chasing the fish swirling around in the feeding frenzy below the water.


We even saw a pregnant shark swimming through the anchorage one evening! We believe they go to the mangroves to give birth.

While we are here Rowena has a BIG Birthday. Supper at Bogles an excellent evening.Say no more!

Iguana bar gig!

We have decided to stay for Xmas and wait for more of the skipper’s music pals to arrive.

And again!

We have also been invited to an Old Years Night party (as they say out here) and Levi’s New Year’s Day bash (along with half the island!) There is only one slight problem, our 3 month Grenada visa expires on the 27th December so we either have to renew or leave the country.
Galene has a lovely day sail to Anse la Roche with the crew of Ansari and Coho
With some great snorkelling!

Our plans are to leave and spend a week at Union island for a change of scene, then come back and we will be fine for another 3 months, not that we plan to stay long after Xmas and the New Year, but you never know!

Seen at the Iguana bar - not all the wildlife is in the band!!!

Carriacou is such a laid back place, slightly bonkers in many ways but with real charm. Almost unspoilt by tourism, the sort of place where you really are made to feel welcome. Here we are a visitor not a tourist!

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