Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Tobago Cays Again.

Tobago Cays Again.

Monday 9th May we are off to the Keys. Up and off by 07.15 set off with full Main and Genoa with a forecast of 10-15 kts, should have known better as we soon had a reef in and +/- 20Kts all the way! Still 30 miles door to door in 5 hours is OK. 

Anchored in the Keys

As it was windy when we got to the Keys we anchored in the ‘cut’ by Petit Bateau Island. We thought it might be more sheltered here than in the main anchorage exposed to the Atlantic. It was still rolly and the waves were breaking hard on the outside reef .

Yes the reef really is this pretty!
Guess we are back in the lee of Africa! Checked the weather forecast, hum, 20kts tomorrow as well. We are a bit sorry we came 

Bar Jack on the hunt

Tuesday overcast and windy as forecast but we will make the most of it.

Snorkelling off the boat we see a big southern Stingray, we will stay another night as the wind is predicted to drop. 

Ceasar and French Grunts

We will snorkel on the outside reef tomorrow. 

Fireworm eating a sponge

Worth doing as water was clear and shallow.

After Snorkelling

Thursday 12th May, we are off to Clifton to check out of the Grenadines. Dull overcast and squally again. It is too early for summer weather.  

Clifton Anchorage Union Island

 We cover the 5 miles to Clifton in less than an hour!

The new dinghy dock at the Bourganvilla

We will check out in Clifton as we don’t want to pay for another month in the Grenadines.   
Lunch at 'Yummy Stuff' Cafe

We are planning to go to Petit Martinique for the local boat regatta at the weekend but first we have to check in to Grenada. So back to Tyrell Bay, Carriacou, a port of entry to Grenada.

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