Sunday, 11 May 2014


Easter in Antigua

Deep Bay is becoming our second home! We know the rhythm of the tourist catamaran arrivals and departures and the two yachts that bring holiday makers for lunch and a snorkel. They keep coming even though it is very windy and a bit choppy.

Deep Bay

On Good Friday we decided to explore ashore, starting with the old hotel near the beach. We had been told it was empty and only used when flights had been cancelled, so we were surprised to see people everywhere and taxis coming and going. It looks very dated and a bit shabby but appeared to be hosting a conference. We looked up the Grand Royal Antiguan Resort on Tripadvisor later – some very unflattering reviews, but surprisingly a few good ones. Whoever designed their website employed a really good photographer!

Seen on the road to 5 islands village - what can the hoops have been used for?

We had to go through reception to get to the road and had an interesting walk almost to Five Islands village. The road runs through dry forest with evidence of past cattle farming – water tanks and dry water troughs. 

Ruined Windmill

We went inside an old stone windmill, one of Antigua’s many. We eventually reached Ballast Bay and could see across to a windblown St John’s. We stopped at Pensioners Corner, a snackette, which unfortunately was closed. 

Where we all end up!

The rest of the weekend was spent doing boat jobs including re-stitching the mizzen sail cover, the canvas is ok but the cotton is degrading. We also beached the dingy and scrubbed its bottom – Jolly Harbour must be full of nutrients and as we had not been raising the dingy at night on the work dock, it had a good covering of green and tiny barnacles and mussel shells!

On Tuesday it was back to Jolly for Carl to have another look at the engine which still stalls now and again and is sometimes slow to start. His verdict is that we now need the top end doing! Not yet, though!

Sunset on the work dock
   After meeting with friends new and old, doing the usual laundry, provisioning and collecting the refilled gas cylinder we plan to leave for St Kitts on Saturday 26th in company with Vivace.

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