Monday, 24 June 2013

Pictures from Bequia

Internet access at last.

We are now in Mayreau, having lunch in a cafe overlooking Union island, really pretty.

Bequia pics below.

Our Island Taxi tour


Port Elizabeth from Fort Hamilton

Seafront cottage, note the fishing net drying on the wall.
The 'Harpooner'!
Whaling museum, painted on a whales jawbone!
Just in case you were in any doubt as to how it was done!
Rescuing the 'Ark Royal'!
A rainy Tuesday!

Beach cave - The entrance to the start of our snorkelling and near where we had sundowners

Diving pics below all taken at Moonhole.

Elkhorn Coral off 'Moonhole'

A Queen Conch - Not in a fishmarket!
Spot the Scopion fish
Spotted Moray with Arrow Crabs, one in front,one behind.
Trumpet fish on the reef
Something we forgot to put on the Bequia blog.
The first morning we were in Bequia, three of us were doing our water aerobics off the back of Vivace when we saw a large dark shape and a fin in the water! Within seconds we were out the water and on the bathing platform, hearts beating like mad.Turned out to be a stingray about 5ft across and the "fin" was one of its wingtips. There were three swimming round together, two smaller ones. A different way to get your heartbeat up when you are exercising!


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