Saturday, 9 February 2013

Life in the Caribbean

Since arriving at Rodney bay things have been pretty hectic. Usual boat stuff to do, cleaning, minor repairs, laundry, gas and water and some shopping.

Rodney bay marina

Reduit beach

We have arranged for the boat to come out of the water on the 14th and have the bottom scrubbed and new rudder bearings fitted. The top bearing leaked during the crossing which allowed water into our normally dry aft bilge. This is where we stored the cans of beer, as a result we had a few damaged cans thankfully we had another completely undamaged case which we restowed in a dry locker.

As Cliff is with us until the 11th we took a trip to Martinique so he could see another island and to catch up with our friends Kent and Lis.

Yes we are back in France!

 On the way over we heard a really hard bang on the hull and somthing hit the rudder. Rowena on the helm, looked back and could not see anything but a bit of green in the water. I thought it was going to be a big bunch of fishing net. Next thing I saw huge flippers or fins, did not know what it was, not a dolphin or whale as the edges were wavy. If it was a huge fish the fins would be too close - there were four- then I realised it must have been a turtle! It must have been below the water, I just hope that all we did was spin it and what I saw was it trying to right itself. There was no blood in the water so I hope no injurys. We were sailing not motoring fortunately. We will check the bottom of the boat when she is lifted on 14th.

Le Marin from the anchorage

Martinique is very French; the shops, restaurants and attitude, almost like the South of France in the Caribbean. Not the same friendly laid back approach as in St Lucia, and everything at Paris prices too! We spent a couple of days anchored at Cul de sac du Marin, a real boat park with a 600 berth marina but with every boat service you could wish for. We then moved out to the very pretty village of St Anne, a complete contrast, still French but with a more Caribbean flavour.We had a lovely swim off the back of the boat in turquoise water. I tried washing may hair in seawater and it worked quite well. I rinsed it with fresh when we got out and it felt great. We have a 5litre garden spray bottle that we use to rinse off after swimming, which takes off the salt using the minimum fresh water.

St Annes

We are now back in Rodney bay. We will stay in St Lucia until after Ruth and Michael have visited us. We have not decided if we will move north or south. Decisions, decisions!

Houses surrounding Rodney bay Marina

Last night in the Marina there was a really good Rock band, Skip Monday, which we enjoyed with a few Piton beers.

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