Thursday, 29 November 2012

Weather - Again!

The weather for the last few days has been 'interesting'. Strong winds (it is a good F7 here at the moment) and 'seas of Iron'?

I have finally decoded the spanish phrases for sea state in the shipping forecast.

Mar Llana  - Calm (Smooth) 0m 0
Mar Rizada  - Calm (rippled) <0.1m F1
Marejadilla - Smooth 0.1m - 0.5m F2
Marejada - Slight 0.5m – 1.25m F3+
Fuerte Marejada - Moderate 1.25m – 2.5m F4-5
Mar Gruesa - Rough 2.5m – 4m  F5-6
Mar Muy Gruesa - Very Rough 4m – 6m F7+
Mar Arbolada - High 6m – 9m F8-9
Mar Montanosa - Very High 9m – 14m F10-11
Mar Enorme - Phenominal >14m F 12

My spanish is definitely improving! Today we have Mar Gruesa = rough seas, on top of 2-3metre swells ugh! And I thought 'iron' was flat!! Indoor jobs today, we are planning our passage foods and menus for the Atlantic crossing. Not a day for the beach or a walk. Still I cannot complain, 22 deg and sunny intervals at the end of November. Roll on the Caribbean!

The French boat moored next to us left the day before yesterday and returned last night, talking of waves as high as the lower spreaders and struggling to go to windward. They wanted to get to Graciosa on the North of Lanzarote but abandoned the idea at Arrecife (about half way) and turned back.

We will stay here until the winds and seas moderate.

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